Online software for furniture stores


Furnqube is equipped with a central, intuitive sales interface. Create the order digitally, together with the customer, on a tablet or PC. Paper sales receipts are a thing of the past!

  • Good customer experience through fast sales
  • Give your sellers the tools to provide excellent customer service.
  • Create orders from approved quotes

Inventory management

Always a clear view of the stock in real time. Manage all incoming articles and prepare shipments to your customer. Improve warehouse lead time and keep overhead costs to a minimum. Fewer errors, more satisfied customers.

  • Real-time information
  • Clear structure in warehouse
  • Inventory preparation is smoother

What our customers say

“Initeam listens to feedback about potential improvements and manages to integrate them into updates very regularly. As a result, the ERP program is constantly adapted to the ever-changing needs of the market.” — Danick Bruneel, Fabrideco Customer since 2010 – 50 FTE


At a glance you have a clear view of the different agendas of your colleagues. All typical tasks are correctly planned and followed up.

  • Calendar per alarm clock/vehicle
  • Overview per day, week and month
  • Different task and color codes

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Do you want to discover all the features of Furnqube?

The online software package for the furniture industry! Accessible on any device. Focused on ease of use and smaller stores.

  • Software in the cloud, accessible anywhere, anytime!
  • Industry-specific, user-friendly and easy to set up
  • Digitize your store in a simple way

Service management

Exceed customer expectations with optimized service management. Furnqube contains a simple, but comprehensive system to keep track of all repairs and returns. Place labels on the various articles and create structure in the service operation.

  • Customer remains loyal to your brand
  • Betere klantwaarde
  • Positive word of mouth
  • Duidelijke interne structuur


Furnqube helps you to create clear invoices in a simple and online way. Each time in your own house style. Send your invoices digitally to the customer and save paper and manual work. Manage the status of your invoices and match them with your payments.

  • Invoicing of advances/deposits
  • Same layout
  • Kastickets
  • Invoicing in a few clicks
  • Reconciliation of invoices


Furnqube bevat tal van statistieken en gegevens. De applicatie geeft ondernemers de juiste informatie om gerichte beslissingen te nemen. Beslissingen gebaseerd op concrete cijfers stimuleren de groei en productiviteit van je meubelzaak en besparen zowel tijd als geld.

  • All key figures available digitally
  • Extensive statistics
  • Important information for strategic decisions
  • Detecting commercial opportunities
  • Analyzing consumer behaviour




Yearly sales


Satisfied users

In the cloud, on every device

Furnqube works on all devices with an internet connection.
A mobile solution that you can use anywhere.

  • Computer
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone

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